Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm moving

I'm moving!

Essentially, I'm consolidating my blogging on a new site at:


I'll be leaving this blog as is for the time being.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Strange NAC

San Jose was a most peculiar NAC.

For one thing, it was the first event I've worked this season, which is quite a change from the past couple of seasons when I worked three or four NACs each year.

For another thing, it was only a couple hours' drive from home, which meant that I got to get up on Thursday and have a leisurely morning before the drive down, and get there while it was still afternoon, instead of the usual getting up at 2:30 or 3:00 am to catch an early flight that might get me to my destination while restaurants are still serving dinner.

Mostly, though, this NAC had the most severe gap between bout committee's experience and the fencers' experience than I have seen in my ten years of working tournaments. Problems with the download, problems with the points, problems with the seeding for both individual and team events, problems with the tournament software we were testing. The BC spent hours every day poring over data to clean it up in time for the next few events, while the events themselves ran with very few problems--not even so much as a single black card.

Strange, strange, strange.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lost Year?

Not really.

Just a year with a lot of other fencing activity in it:

— worked four NACs (three as BC chair and one as minion), one Junior Olympics (as emergency BC co-chair), and one SN (as BC co-chair)

— wrote a piece ("Theme and Variations") for American Fencing's Fall/Winter 2007 issue.

— wrote Fencing's a SPORT?!, a publicity guide for clubs and divisions who want to help promote the sport of fencing. There's a web version and a pdf for printing out.

— working—with a bunch of other BC people—on a "best practices" guide for national tournament bout committees, on the theory that sharing what we've figured out through painful experience would be A Good Thing.

(Hmm. I suppose having my husband home from work on disability for five months might have had some effect on my blogging, too.)

In 2009, I expect to post a bit less intermittently.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Long weekend.

Mostly a fun weekend, but the days were definitely not short. We BC types didn't get to see much of Dallas, finding we preferred to use our six or so hours outside the Dallas Convention Center for sleep.

Two sad items from Dallas—the Starbucks at the convention center is closed on weekends and holidays, which was a hardship for officials longing for their quad-shot lattes, and Tournament #3, the BC master computer, expired Sunday evening, leaving no electronic trace of Sunday's events, which will have to be reconstructed from the paper records. (We held a brief private memorial service on the BC platform.)