Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lost Year?

Not really.

Just a year with a lot of other fencing activity in it:

— worked four NACs (three as BC chair and one as minion), one Junior Olympics (as emergency BC co-chair), and one SN (as BC co-chair)

— wrote a piece ("Theme and Variations") for American Fencing's Fall/Winter 2007 issue.

— wrote Fencing's a SPORT?!, a publicity guide for clubs and divisions who want to help promote the sport of fencing. There's a web version and a pdf for printing out.

— working—with a bunch of other BC people—on a "best practices" guide for national tournament bout committees, on the theory that sharing what we've figured out through painful experience would be A Good Thing.

(Hmm. I suppose having my husband home from work on disability for five months might have had some effect on my blogging, too.)

In 2009, I expect to post a bit less intermittently.